Relevant Publications

Global optimization of grey-box computational systems using surrogate functions and application to highly constrained oil-field operations

Computers & Chemical Engineering 2018

B. Beykal F. Boukouvala C.A. Floudas N. Sorek H. Zalavadia E. Gildin

This work presents recent advances within the AlgoRithms for Global Optimization of coNstrAined grey-box compUTational problems (ARGONAUT) framework, developed for optimization of systems which lack analytical forms and derivatives. A new parallel version of ARGONAUT (p-ARGONAUT) is introduced to solve…

Dimensionality reduction for production optimization using polynomial approximations

Computational Geosciences 2017

B. Beykal C.A. Floudas F. Boukouvala E. Gildin N. Sorek

The objective of this paper is to introduce a novel paradigm to reduce the computational effort in waterflooding global optimization problems while realizing smooth well control trajectories amenable for practical deployments in the field. In order to overcome the problems…

Data‚ÄźDriven Mathematical Modeling and Global Optimization Framework for Entire Petrochemical Planning Operations

AIChE Journal 2016

J. Lie X. Xiao F. Boukouvala C.A. Floudas B. Zhao G. Du S. Xu H. Liu

In this work we develop a novel modeling and global optimization-based planning formulation, which predicts product yields and properties for all of the production units within a highly integrated refinery-petrochemical complex. Distillation is modeled using swing-cut theory, while data-based nonlinear…

A multi-scale framework for CO2 capture, utilization, and sequestration: CCUS and CCU

Computers and Chemical Engineering 2015

C.A. Floudas E. First F. Boukouvala M.M.F. Hasan

We present a multi-scale framework for the optimal design of CO2 capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS) supply chain network to minimize the cost while reducing stationary CO2 emissions in the United States. We also design a novel CO2 capture and…

Nationwide, Regional, and Statewide CO2 Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration Supply Chain Network Optimization

Industrial Engineering & Chemistry Research 2014

M.M.F. Hasan E. First F. Boukouvala C.A. Floudas

We design a CO2 Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration (CCUS) supply chain network with minimum cost to reduce stationary CO2 emissions and their adverse environmental impacts in the United States. While doing so, we consider simultaneous selection of source plants, capture…

Relevant Presentations

Data-Driven Modeling and Global Optimization of Industrial-Scale Petrochemical Planning Operations

American Control Conference in Boston, USA

July 07, 2016 at 11.00

Fani Boukouvala Jie Li Xin Xiao Baoguo Zhao Guangming Du Christodoulos A Floudas Hongwei Liu

In this work, we have developed a data-driven model which is used for the optimization of planning operations of a large petrochemical complex, comprising of a petrochemical plant and two ethylene plants. We have developed unit operation models for all…

Planning of Industrial-Scale Integrated Petrochemical Plants Using a Big-Data Analysis and Global Optimization Framework

2015 AIChE Annual Conference in Salon F (Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek)

November 10, 2015 at 12.30

F. Boukouvala J. Li X. Xiao C.A. Floudas

Planning of the production of petrochemical products involves solving large-scale optimization models incorporating information such as: flowsheet topology, process capacity, operating constraints, intermediates and final product quality constraints, and market demand and costs [1-2]. Optimization of planning operations becomes significantly…

Data-Centric Optimization: Methods and Applications

2015 AIChE Annual Meeting in Exhibit Hall 1 (Salt Palace Convention Center)

November 08, 2015

F. Boukouvala

As an engineering community we have been working towards developing detailed mathematical simulation models which accurately capture the behavior of complex systems. This trend is reinforced by our drive to couple multiscale information which ranges from the atomistic and molecular…

Mathematical Modeling and Global Optimization for Entire Petrochemical Planning Operations

2014 AIChE Annual Meeting in Atlanta

November 20, 2014

J. Lie F. Boukouvala X. Xiao C.A. Floudas

In the last twenty years, the petrochemical industry has succeeded by creating markets and supplying them with suitable products used to create goods such as plastics, cosmetics, lubricants, and paints. Petrochemical production begins in a refinery that separates crude oils…

Optimization of CO2 Capture, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS) Supply Chain Networks

2013 AIChE Annual Meeting in San Fransisco

November 08, 2013

M.M.F. Hasan F. Boukouvala C.A. Floudas

CO2 capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is an enabling technology toward reducing CO2 emissions from stationary sources which include power plants, cement production plants, iron and steel plants, refineries, petrochemicals and gas processing plants. More than 60% of the total…

Global Optimization of Grey-Box Constrained Models

2013 AIChE Annual Meeting in San Fransisco

November 05, 2013

F. Boukouvala M.M.F. Hasan C.A. Floudas

Grey-box optimization methods have a wide range of applicability in various fields which rely on expensive simulations or solely input-output data [1]. Consequently, there has been great interest in the development of methods for the optimization of models for which…