Boukouvala Lab Summer 2019 Updates

Atlanta, GA

August 19, 2019

Conferences and Presentations

During the summer, Boukouvala lab members attended 3 conferences: Machine Learning in Science and Engineering (MLSE) conference held at Atlanta, GA, the Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design (FOCAPD) conference held at Copper Mountain, CO, and the inaugural Foundations of Process Analytics and Machine Learning (FOPAM) conference in Raleigh, NC. Jackie presented her work on "Data-driven branch-and-bound algorithms for derivative-free optimization"; William presented his work on "Adding mechanistic inputs to data-driven models: an approach to constrain hybrid models"; Dr. Boukouvala presented Jackie and Sophie's work on "Machine-learning assisted modeling and optimization for process design and synthesis". William was awarded Best Poster Award for his poster entitled “Hybrid Modeling for Robust Process Design and Extrapolation" at FOCAPD.

In addition, Dr. Boukouvala gave an invited talk at the International Conference on Continuous Optimization in Berlin, Germany. Her talk was on Jackie Zhai's work on "Data-driven branch-and-bound algorithms for derivative-free optimization." She was also a featured speaker at the conference on Foundations of Computer Aided Process Design (FOCAPD)  in Copper Mountain, Colorado. She presented the work of Sophie Kim and Jackie Zhai on "Machine-Learning Assisted Modeling and Optimization for Process Design and Synthesis." <br> <br>

Welcoming New Members

Sachin and Chloe joined the Data-Driven PSE lab. Sachin is a MS student at Georgia Tech, and he will be working with Jackie to develop and test modified branch-and-bound algorithms. Chloe is a sophomore at Georgia Tech and will be working with William on hybrid modeling in process systems engineering.