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DDPSE welcomes new undergrad student!

Atlanta, GA

January 23, 2023

The DD-PSE lab has grown! Riddhi Bhattacharya joins as a new undergraduate researcher and will work with Elisavet on the supply-chain of plastic recycling. Welcome, Riddhi!

Sid successfully passed his qualification exam!

Atlanta, GA

January 20, 2023

Sid successfully passed his quals! Congratulations!

DDPSE team at AIChE 2022


November 20, 2022

DDPSE team gave a total of 4 talks and 2 posters at AIChE held at Phoenix, AZ. 2 of them were focused on modeling of mechanocatalytic plastic recycling, 1 talk was on data-driven optimization and rest of the talks on…

Latest Publications

Surrogate-based branch-and-bound algorithms for simulation-based black-box optimization

Optimization and Engineering 2022

Black-box surrogate-based optimization has received increasing attention due to the growing interest in solving optimization problems with embedded simulation data. The main challenge in surrogate-based optimization is the lack of consistently convergent behavior, due to the variability introduced by initialization,…

Training Stiff Dynamic Process Models via Neural Differential Equations

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 2022

William Bradley Gabriel S. Gusmão Andrew J. Medford Fani Boukouvala

A common step in developing generalizable, dynamic mechanistic models is to fit unmeasured parameters to measured data. Fitting differential equation-based models can be computationally expensive due to the presence of nonlinearity and stiffness. This work proposes a two-stage indirect approach…